• Beach Fashion Dress Up Game

    Dress the young Barbie up in this Barbie fashion game. We finally got a NY girl. What are you going to get?

  • Disclotheque Fashion Dress Up Game

    The girl is going to the discotheque. Help her to find right clothes for the party. She got a hundred of them.

  • Wedding Barbie Game

    Help this beautiful young bride dress up for coming wedding. It must be the best wedding ever with so many flowers and amazing wedding gowns.

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Dress Up Games For Girls

There are many different kinds of girl games online, but among the most popular are dress up games, and with good reason. Dress up games let girls express their creativity and allow them to enjoy a creative process with something they truly love - fashion. The variety of games within the category is mind boggling as well.
Celebrity Dress Up Games - Celebrities are always in the news and many celebrities become a sort of to teens and preteens. Following the antics of celebrities online has long been a common practice for this age group, but fashion games with celebrities have made it even more interesting to know about celebrities. With fashion games, you can actually dress up the celebrities. Many of the celebrity games have the clothing styles that the actors and entertainers are famous for wearing, including items from the red carpet, but you often have the option of creating something new and totally different for a favorite celebrity as well.
Barbie Dress Up Games - Barbie has been a favorite for over fifty years and it is no surprise that she graces the pages of fashion games. Dressing up Barbie was great when she was a small plastic doll, but it is even better now that she is all grown up and online. Barbie looks the same, but when you play Barbie games online, she has countless clothing options, hair styles and accessories that you simply can't find playing with the traditional doll.
Holiday Dress Up Games - The holidays are a wonderful time of year, and holiday fashion games are certainly not the exception to the rule. Playing games with holiday fashions can be useful in addition to being entertaining. Finding the right things to wear to holiday parties and even just to school on those holiday events is fun, especially when you get to help an online character try on the outfit ahead of time. You can do a lot with holiday games including creating characters to use on gift cards, special stationeries and even wrapping paper.
Dress Up Game Contests - Another feature of the games are the large number of contests that occur on the websites and communities that promote the various games. In the contests, girls create characters to meet a certain requirement and then are judged by other forum members to see who has created the most interesting outfit or overall style. Sometimes the contests go a step further and require the girls to create a doll and then create a story that goes along with her. This stimulates the mind in many different ways, tapping into various forms of creativity.
Princess Dress Up Games - Among the favorites are the games that let you create your own version of a princess. Some of these games are fantasy-esque while others are more realistic, sometimes using true princesses from around the globe. Creating a princess does not have to mean large ball gowns and such, but it often does. The fantasy and beauty is simply part of the experience.
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