Movie screenings hosted by stars and directors

Wizard World’s other highlights are live entertainment; gaming; A sessions; movie screenings hosted by stars and directors; comic books and graphic novels; sci-fi, toys, original art and other collectibles; a display of replicas and screen-used vehicles from your favorite TV shows and movies; and more.

Glenn Calderbank of West Berlin, a contractor, was scanning the listings for construction supplies when a particular ad — apparently misplaced — caught his eye. It was Nina Saria’s request for a kidney. A few years before, in 2011, Calderbank had lost his wife to kidney failure. She had received a kidney and pancreas from a cadaver but her body rejected the organs. Seizing the chance to possibly save a life, Calderbank answered the ad.

“Giving out your home address to a stranger on the internet can be very dangerous, but that’s often what people have to do in order to buy or jersey mike’s menu sell something on Craigslist,”craigslist south jersey Bateman said. “You shouldn’t have to put your life in harm’s way to get a great deal on a car or a collectible. Many police departments already give local residents the option to use the station lobby or parking lot to safely complete online transactions. This needs to become a statewide practice.”

Designating safe zones would be voluntary, and local police departments would not be responsible for regulating the sales transactions, nor would they be civilly liable for crimes or offenses committed by participants to the sales transactions.TRENTON, NJ – The Senate Law and Public Safety Committee has passed a bill sponsored by Sen. Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R-Somerset, Middlesex, Mercer, Hunterdon) to allow local police departments to jersey mike’s designate safe zones where people can meet to complete sales transactions arranged on websites, such as Craigslist.And even if they realize that someone has illegally rented out a home they don’t own, he said, the so-called tenant is also a victim and may not want to move out. If a bank across the country owns the foreclosed property, that may not be such a big deal, but Dubler said there have been cases where homeowners had to go to court to evict the residents.The Elizabeth couple paid $2,650 for two months’ rent, signed a lease agreement and received a key. They called police when they could not open the door with the key and could not get in touch with “Marcos,” the man who claimed to be the property owner. The second couple approached police at the scene and said they had paid a woman named “Mirna” a $2,200 deposit for the same apartment.