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A 50cc motorcycle actually defined as a bike 0 60cc is an entirely different beast in the eyes of the law.It will need a bike licence to ride, needs a warrant of fitness and costs more than twice as much as a moped to register annually, a whopping $395.61.But technically, it is allowed to travel as fast as any other vehicle on the road.However, once purchased, some mopeds don’t stay limited to the 50km/h limit for long.They are quietly sent back to the workshop to be “de restricted”.These machines seem to have been manufactured with de restricting left as an jersey shore craigslist option.It takes less than 15 minutes to make a simple adjustment to the electrics and remove a washer from the exhaust.De restricting generally improves acceleration and torque and raises real housewives of new jersey the top speed to 70km/h or so, changes which arguably make these machines safer in traffic.Of course, these modifications also technically transform a moped back into a 50cc motorcycle.The huge disparity between the cost of registering a moped jersey mike’s menu craigslist south jersey and a 50cc motorcycle is because jersey shore the moped is subject to an ACC levy of $129.24, while the motorcycle shares the same $327.70 annual ACC levy paid by all petrol powered motorcycles up to 600cc.Nobody seems to know why 50cc motorcycles were lumped in with the bigger bikes this way.ACC senior media adviser Stephanie Melville admitted there is no evidence people have fewer crashes riding mopeds than riding motorcycles sized 0 to 60cc.But Ms Melville adds that a key factor in the severity of crashes, and costs of injury claims, is that they rise in line with engine size.”This is due to the speed of travel and their use on the open road.”As mopeds have a maximum design speed of 50km/h, they tend to be used in urban areas at lower speeds, and the crashes they are involved in tend to be less severe.

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