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You will tell many people about the importance of not making stupid remarks in airports. Judge Richard McIlraithThey also said if people to be granted a discharge without conviction for hijack threats, airport staff in the future would not know if someone had made similar remarks previously if another situation arose.Judge McIlraith said he didn’t want to belittle the serious offences.”You can only imagine the decree of comfort to other people flying on a plane where someone has made that sort of a threat, even if it appears the threat was made in a joking fashion.”In his judgment, Judge McIlraith said he accepted it was not one of the worst examples of hijack threats and that a conviction would affect his employment and ability to travel, especially internationally.The judge said he granted the discharge without conviction because of how seriously jersey shore Wycherley had taken the situation, that he was never in a position to carry out the threat and because he’d taken steps to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.He also said he could see they were “stupid comments” people could make in the spur of the moment.But he didn’t want to belittle the seriousness of the offending and said he had sympathy for airline staff.”It used to be ten years ago you could make that comment and everyone would assume you jersey mike’s menu craigslist south jersey were making a joke and no one would react, but due jersey mike’s subs to the nature about the world we live in things have unfortunately moved a long way beyond that.”After granting the new jersey weather application, Judge McIlraith new jersey transit issued a stern warning:”I know this will be a one off and you will tell many people about the importance of not making stupid remarks in airports.”Wycherley told the Herald, through Gill, he sincerely regretted his “momentary lapse of judgment” and said he’d apologised “unreservedly” to Air New Zealand, the courts and the police.

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